Untitled (Fairy Wren Shrine)

Fairy Wren Shrine explores the artist’s connection with nature as a source of inspiration and how to access this in an environment where nature is limited.

Fairy Wrens are small Australian birds that live in resource sharing flocks. They have strong pair and social bonds, both same and opposite-sex but are not sexually monogamous. The young of many different pairings are raised in one nest with all birds providing resources and care for all chicks. The shrine provides a place to reflect on the admirable qualities of the fairy wren and how they can be applied to one’s own life. ‘Fortunes’ with further fairy wren facts can be drawn and signs suggest offerings for if one wants to welcome fairy wren blessings into their life.

Redmond is looking to develop Fairy Wren Shrine into a larger collaborative project on Australian plants and animals. Please contact if interested.

Mixed media sculpture/installation
paper, wood, grass, yarn, acrylic paint, watercolour, ink, lacquer, water, glass jar


Connagh Redmond (2021)